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3 reviews for Beyond the Battle – Paperback – One Book

  1. Charles D. (verified owner)

    Great for small group studies!

  2. Dillon Padgett (verified owner)

    I loved this book. I bought it a month ago and just started reading for the second time! A read like this is necessary in modern culture. Women are over-sexualized and objectified so much so that it has become the norm, commonly among Christians even. The transparency displayed by the author is refreshing. He humbled himself in writing this as he drew from many of his own personal experiences in his marriage. It can’t be easy to tell everyone the struggles of your relationship, but we’re grateful for his humility because there is a lot to be learnt from the lessons God taught him that we, as readers, have the opportunity to take and use. Many of us have subtle flaws in our thinking, that we might not even notice, that need to be exposed and corrected. Maybe we don’t realize the expectation we have for women, maybe we don’t realize that we feel entitled to “God’s blessing”, maybe we’re looking to get married for the wrong reasons? Or maybe we do realize we have some flaws, but aren’t addressing them at the root. Noah touches on all this and more in the “A Man’s Guide to his Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World”.

  3. Sharon Gillette (verified owner)

    Although the book is written specifically for men, I’ve found precious truth that applies to me as a single “mature” woman who has been single for over 30 years. The church failed me when I was a single mom raising my son and daughter. There was no one to step in and mentor my children, my son especially.
    I really appreciate the way you “lay it on the line” in plan English that our fulfillment comes from Christ alone and not from another person or thing. The truths you write about apply to both male and female, married/single.
    I’m just getting into the book, but so far I love it!

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