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What if the battle you’re fighting has already been won?

As men fight for contentment in their marriages or their singleness, our oversexualized world continues to pump out false promises.  What if the answer to your heart’s longing is not to try harder or fight more intensely?  What if there’s actually more to the battle than accountability, online filters, and training away the symptoms of the problem (as important as those tools are)?

The good news is that there really is more to this battle, and victory depends not on your ability to fight, but on your ability to rest.  It’s not about working hard to avoid lust, it’s about God working in you to remove (and replace) your desire for it.

Beyond the Battle dives below the surface to uncover soul-deep solutions.  You will discover that everything you hoped the next woman would give you is already freely yours in Jesus.  This identity in Christ will satisfy you to the core, allowing you to see yourself and women the way God intended all along.

Includes a 40-day devotional, as well as free small group videos and discussion questions.

Foreword by Ron DeHaas:  Founder, President, & CEO of Covenant Eyes.


“In a very real sense, your life, your relationships, your existence as a man in this oversexualized culture, your maneuvering through this vast universe, may depend on your understanding of the truths in this book.”

-Ron DeHaas, President, CEO, & Founder of Covenant Eyes


“Noah has written a book that is raw, vulnerable, practical, and unflinchingly honest. He writes from the trenches – as a pastor and a husband – about an issue that is the unspoken scourge of our generation. He shows us the problem, and then he shows us the one and ONLY true solution – Christ and His cross.”

-Ted Kluck, award-winning co-author of Why We’re Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church

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